Types of Toe Protection - Success Jaya Safety

Chances are we have all stubbed a toe around the house and it hurts. A lot. Now imagine if you or someone else were to drop a heavy bit of equipment at work. Your toes wouldn’t stand much of a chance. Unless of course, your safety boots are equipped with the right kind of toe protection.

Tradesmen and women, construction workers and industrial workers are just some of the many people who will know the importance of safety footwear and in particular, toe protection. But with steel, aluminium and composite protection to choose from, which is best for you?

Steel Toe Caps

Steel toe capped boots have been around for a number of decades now and they have become the classic option for toe protection. Not only do they tend to be cheaper than other options, they also guarantee great protection in work environments where the risk of falling objects is increased. An ideal choice for those who work in construction or with heavy machinery. With the majority of steel toe capped boots in our range meeting impact and compression standards, you will also find a variety of styles, making them perfect for a number of workplaces. However steel is heavy, so finding the right size and fit is vital to ensure all-day comfort.

Aluminium Toe Protection

Safety boots with aluminium toe protection are increasing in popularity as they still meet many impact and compression standards but are lighter than steel toe capped boots. They can be pricier than steel toe caps however if you need the protection but want a lighter feel, they are perfect for you. For those working long hours in testing conditions, they can make a huge difference making them worth the slightly larger price tag.

Composite Toe Protection

Some workplaces may require non-metal or non-magnetic footwear, making Composite toe protected safety boots a must. Usually made from Kevlar or carbon fibre, composite toe protection is lighter and more flexible, making them by far the most comfortable option. However, while they do meet impact and compression standards, you won’t a similar amount of protection as you would from a steel or aluminium toe cap. Great for electricians as they don’t conduct electricity, unfortunately for construction workers, composite toe protection would be out of the question. They are more designed for workers who will be in an environment where protection is still needed but the risk of falling heavy objects is significantly lower.

Before purchasing any safety boots, you should check the regulations of your workplace to ensure you buy the right kind of footwear. You should also check with your employer if a certain kind of footwear is mandatory. Once you know which kind of toe protection is best for your workplace, browse our fantastic range of Footwear where you will find a number of safety boots with steel, aluminium and composite toe protection, making it easy for you to find the best boots for you.