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Terms and conditions is our intellect property copyright. Any the usage by third parties, although only extract from Terms and conditions aim for commercial use to offer product and / or service is not allowed. Failure to comply thermal following is subjected to legal action.

By accessing this website, you confirm your understanding towards Terms and conditions. If you disapproved by Terms and conditions usage, you cannot use this website. This site deserve, to change, modify, increase or produce Terms and conditions usage at anytime.

Any change carried out will take effect immediate when broadcasted in this web site without other notice. You advised to frequently make check will to know Terms and conditions the latest. If you fail to do that direct usage you in this website following change broadcasting to Terms and conditions usage regarded as your acceptance towards the change.

The use of the web page

As a condition of use of this webpage, you guarantee that:

  • You aged at least 18 years Old
  • You have power that is legal to create legal responsibility tied
  • You will use this website in accordance with Terms and Conditions.
  • You will use this website to make booking that is legal only for you or others.
  • You will inform others on Terms and Conditions that used to booking that had you make on the part
  • Of those, including all regulations and restriction that on him.
  • All information given by you in this website is true, accurate, latest and complete.
  • If you have accounts to this website, you will protect your account information and will oversee and fully responsible towards any your account usage by you and anyone apart from you. We deserve according to absolute discretion we to deny access anyone to this website and service that we offer, at any time and on whatever because towards of the violation of these Terms and Conditions.

 Booked through our website

A. Booked through our website

  1. You agree to be tied with these agreement terms and any term and additional condition, any supplier that on booking, journey rule or your usage towards any website content. You agree on behalf of oneself and people who you represent for thermal compliance with all and condition including paying all amounts when the time comes.

2.   You agree that any collision any term and such condition will cause:

  • Booking cancellation or your purchase
  • Money cancellation paid for booking or your purchase
  1. You responsible inform people who you represent on all terms and condition for their purchase business. Use of the service or our website by you and those using name or your account is your responsibility.

4. You responsibility for your activities on websites including username possibility and your password.

B. Price

Price that we give is according current market and sure reasonable. Price to every item is different follow brand, measure, quantity and others. You should always followed information, current development, product and price on our web site to know information much further. We will advertise all promotions on our web site and offer price that is greater. Customer requested to check again goods prices before making the reservation and payment to avoid any problems.

C. Booking Confirmation

After you finish making your reservation, you will receive a confirmation email containing the reservation number. This is your agreement with respect to the products and services ordered will begin to appear. E-mail confirmation will display all the details of your reservation. Next, we will ensure that your order will be entered into the booking system of our company and payment can be processed properly. Furthermore, for the purposes of security and protection from fraud, we reserve the right to ask for more of your information.

Changes and cancellations

A. Change and cancellation-by you

Your ability to cancel or change items ordered and how to do it will depend on the terms and conditions.

Although information about your ability to cancel or change your reservation made online during the booking process and reflected in the e-mail confirmation, it is your responsibility to understand the terms and conditions for cancellation and amendments, because you are deemed to have read and accepted at the time of booking you made.

You can submit your request for amendment or cancellation by sending e-mail to sales@msaa.com.my and call our number + 607-254 4228. After that you will receive an e-mail asking you to verify with us that your request can be processed.

If you do not receive the message for any reason, you are solely responsible for contacting us in order to ensure your request is received and is being processed. We are not responsible if the communication process is not completed due to any technical reasons.

B. Cancellation by us

In the event of significant errors which resulted in a clear display of the prices shown in error, we reserve the right to cancel your booking, even if it is confirmed automatically by us. You will be informed of this as soon as possible, to enable you to make a reservation at the right price, if you want. In any event, you will not be entitled to claim compensation from us. In addition to the billing and payment information that you provide will be required to present some proof of your identity. This can be requested at time of booking, the processing fee or at any other time after that. We reserve the right to cancel the order if you do not provide proof of identity to us.

We also reserve the right to cancel your order at any time for security or protection from fraud. This is usually caused by the process of protecting our security and fraud detection to report a problem with the card to pay, the email address you used to book and others. In this situation, we will try to contact you by e-mail address you provided when making a reservation. If we cannot contact you, we may cancel your booking without any liability.


Payment only be done with payment method prepared on our web site. Payment method other than stated on our web site is not accepted. Please take note that surcharge for credit card payments may increase. You permitted us or third party authorized to take full payment for your total purchase. If be any problem with your payment, we will contact you in 48 hours.

If you use services “Online Banking” like RHB, Maybank2u, Cimb Clicks and so on, ensure you put email we in rhys@ojcgroup.com column “Email Recipient” like requested by any banking’s online service respective banks. Meanwhile if you use other individual bank account, ensure you tell the individual full name when you send proof of payment to us together with reservation number (Example: #911) as reference. This is because process your payment notification will be easier, even we do not difficult to ensure you had made payment to us.
If you using cash deposit machine or pay in bank counter, please scan or take the receipt picture, then send to us. However, for us easier if you do a scan through computer then send via e-mail to us in rhys@ojcgroup.com

Tracking Number Product

Buyers should know and understand that the only product we provide tracking number, the transmission will shift responsibility to you and Pos Malaysia / Pos Express / Nationwide and others in the event of loss of product, the product has not been reached and the like. And you have to accept the risk due to the negligence Pos Malaysia / Pos Express / Nationwide and others.

But you need not worry, because we’re here to help you to track the status of your product. Events such as the product is delivered to the buyer, but when the product is delivered, you do not have the address written often the case, this makes it difficult for parties and Pos Malaysia / Pos Express / Nationwide and others, but usually they will leave a card asking you to claim you courier them its various products.

While if you give the wrong address will also be difficult for the courier for delivery to you, and eventually you may lose your product unattended. So, to prevent this from happening, make sure the address you filled in correctly and accurately.

If the product is lost or damaged, you have the right to seek damages from the courier and normally they will make compensation as soon as possible, but some procedures must be implemented, I hope such incidents do not happen to our customers.

And finally, if the goods are not up because we provide tracking number of products not in the list, you can make the confirmation in advance with the courier. If the courier said product tracking number that we give not in the list, and then e-mail us for confirmation because we might give the wrong product tracking number.