Your Ultimate Partner In Safety

Proguard is one of the leading Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) companies in Malaysia and South East Asia. We provide a comprehensive range of products and solution catering to various industries and applications needs in the market place.

With safety as the heart of our business, we are dedicated to providing the total personal protective ranging from head protection, hearing protection, safety eyewear, protective clothing and others. We strive to maintain the highest quality in both our product and services as we are “your ultimate partner in safety”

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  • This extremely lightweight earmuff with soft foam-filled cushions provides quality noise reduction at an affordable price.
  • Adjustable contoured headband with soft pads provides comfortable fit and all round protection for both short & long spell exposure.
  • Pivoting cup attachment for equal pressure distribution.
  • Can be worn in three positions.
  • SNR: 22dB.
  • 2-pc polyamide lanyard with 2-pcs large hook + energy absorber & carabiner.
  • Conform to BS EN354 & BS EN355.
  • FS211-PRO body harness built-in with 2-pcs polyamide lanyard with 2-pcs large hook + energy absorber & carabiner.
  • Conform to BS EN361, BS EN354, & BS EN355.
  • Black lens
  • Incredibly light 42 grams
  • Anti Fog
  • Impact resistant
  • Comply to ANSI Z87.1 & EN 166
  • These cellulosic sorbent contained with a flexible polypropylene skin are for the purpose of containing & absorbing petroleum-based fluids, aggressive & non-aggressive chemicals, and aqueous-based solutions, reducing the need to stock several different sorbent types for emergency response.
  • They fit snugly against the machine bases and wrap around corners, keeping the work area safe & dry.
  • Chemical splash goggles provide excellent ventilation.
  • Constructed soft and comfortable.
  • PVC frame with polycarbonate lens and a wide adjustable headband.
  • Snug, yet pressure fitted and can be worn over prescription glasses.
  • Designed with ventilation system.
  • Available with anti-fog lens.
  • Fabricated with excellent water penetration resistance and 100% waterproof, which makes it ideal for emergency rain protection or any wet weather activities.
  • These rainsuits come with an attachable hood, concealed in the collar with zipper.
  • It is made from supreme grade material, double stitched and taped with heat sealed seams. 
  • Enhanced with reflective tapes around chest, lower body, sleeves, and legs for high visibility and safety purposes.
  • Jacket and pants can be folded into the storage bag.
  • High visibility yellow suit and pants with black cuff.
  • Suitable to use in workplace where fire and chemical spillages may occur. 
  • All control valves are instant action, stay open type of ball valve.
  • For immediate emergency flushing of eye injuries, provides fast and effective relief.
  • Durable easy to squeeze polyethylene bottle has an eyecup with captive snap on cap.
  • The eyecup has perforated plate to break up the stream for a gentle spray to the eye. 
  • A capped air vent valve prevents drawback of contaminated fluid back into bottle.
  • Used water exits through a drain tube.
  • Polyethylene bottle can stores 500ml of water.
  • Self-contained emergency gravity feed eyewash holds water fluid in the tank where no plumbing is required.
  • In upright position, tray securely shuts off water flow and keeps nozzles free of airborne contamination.
  • Wide rear opening allows easy filling, inspection and cleaning.
  • The eyewash is activated by simply pulling the retractable tray.
  • Polyethylene tank stores 34 liters of water with an estimated flow rate of 1.75 liter per minute for 15 minutes.
  • Mounted on bracket supplied, easily bolts to the wall.
  • Standard version made of 44 mm width webbing.
  • Can be fitted for spring, webbing, or polyamide lanyard for shock absorbing purposes should a fall occur.
  • Impact force will be under 6kN.
  • High visibility red colour.
  • Unextended length of 30 cm and an extended length of 185 cm.
  • These indispensable accessories promote worker safety by preventing glove loss.
  • Clips snuggly to the body via a belt, tool pouch or any pocket.
  • Made of non-conductive plastic with no spring or metal part to rust or corrode.
  • Keeps gloves & other items close at hand, ready to use when or where they are needed, therefore improving hand safety & complying with safety programs. 
  • Sold in 100pcs/carton.
  • Made of 0.30 mm PVC on polyester broadloom hood which can fit over safety cap.
  • Front zipper and extra flap for extra waterproofing & protection.
  • Ventilation cape & 2 front waist pockets.
  • Waist pants feature elastic band for multiple waist sizes.
  • All snap-on buttons are non-conductive, non-corrosive, and rustproof.
  • Brite safe yellow colour for excellent visibility.
  • Lightweight, comfortable helmet mounted earmuff that delivers a high attenuation level performance to address the most difficult noise situation.
  • These mounted earmuffs can be used with a wide range of Proguard industrial safety helmet.
  • Earmuff cups should snap in place during use & swing back when not in use.
  • Can be perfectly fitted with safety helmet, helmet visor carrier BGVH with series FC 48 or Series SV-1 visors to provide complete head, face, and hearing protection.
  • SNR: 27dB
  • 3 pcs: Hi-visibility Green Rainsuit consist of bib-pants, jacket, and detachable drawstring hood.
  • The jacket features a zipper and snap-on front closure, underarm vents, reinforced stress points, & collar.
  • 2 pcs x 5cm vertical reflective tape on chest and back with 360 degrees horizontal reflective tape around chest. Double horizontal reflective tape on both arms.
  • Bib-pants include adjustable suspenders, adjustable ankle, and front fly. 2 pcs x 5cm horizontal reflective tape on both legs.