Hi Vis (Visibility) Jackets and Their Colour Variants


High visibility jackets are commonly known as “hi vis jackets.” They are the protective garments that are made to alert the surroundings of the wearer’s presence. Therefore, these garments use fluorescent materials so that they can be noticed or identified by others. The aim or the motive of these high visibility jackets is to separate and distinguish the one who is wearing that from the rest of the surrounding. A person with regular and plainclothes can be identified or noticed from a distance of approximately 50 meters. But a person wearing high visibility jackets can be identified or seen from a range of 300 meters and above. Therefore, many professionals wear these kinds of high visibility jackets to pose their presence or make them stand distinguished. Here is everything you need to know about the high visibility jackets and their color variants

Do high visibility jackets have active lights?

Now, this is an entirely wrong understanding that the high visibility jackets have active lights or have any light-emitting objects. This is an entirely wrong concept. A high visibility jacket is made up of three materials or elements.

The Need for Fluorescent Light

The fluorescent material can help attain visibility during the daytime. It can also assist the government in having increased visibility during a darker time.

The reflective strip

Next comes the reflective strip. They are specially designed for night visibility. These reflective strips need some kind of or some source of light to work and recreate something called retroreflection. Remember that the reflective strips are entirely useless or will never work if they are not provided with any light. Without a light source, they cannot provide visibility.

Fluorescent materials

Generally, three main colors are used as fluorescent materials. The colors are as follows Orange, red and yellow.

Traditionally, orange and yellow are used as the fluorescent material. The color red has been added recently and in use currently.

Different workers wear these high visibility jackets in various sectors by different professionals. The organizations or the factories need to put their logos on to the governments, but employers should be more careful when it comes to adding or attaching logos to these high visibility jackets. There are certain limitations that the employers of the company should keep in mind and then put their logos. Not only that, to give the proper utility of this high visibility jackets, one must think of the protection. And above all, it is essential to wear these jackets correctly and in the right manner.

There are some rules and regulations that should be followed :

  • You are not supposed to tuck your trousers into the boots


  • Also, there are other clothing necessities and drills that are to be followed while you are wearing this high visibility jackets. This again depends on the organization you are associated with.

High vis colors

Several colors can be used for high visibility jackets. Black, yellow, blue, green and orange are some of the options.you can choose from a huge selection of colors to suit the needs and requirements of your business Let us discuss the different jacket types with color combinations in this article.

1-Black Hi Vis Jacket

Viking Professional Insulated Journeyman Black Reflective Safety Jacket

First coming to that of the professional journeyman FR waterproof flame-resistant jacket. The black reflective safety jackets that are the professional journeyman FR waterproof flame jacket is a fantastic jacket to opt for. It comes with a detachable hood. It is hot and can be worked in comfortably because it has a fleece collar. It is made in such a way that it is weather protected. This black hi viz jacket has got separate straps for identity badges for the company logo. Also, you get a separate pocket to keep your cell phones or radios. These jackets have extra breathability. Therefore, you will not feel suffocated because it has back and front vents for your comfort. This black safety jacket has also got a Velcro. It is adjustable at the wrist to lock out the weather along with two large pockets outside, and that too zipped. This product is 100% waterproof windproof and made of 100% polyester, so you have got security as well as comfort in one material.


black hi vis jacket

Next, we have another black jacket by Carhartt, which is the striped duck traditional Jacket. While the first one is made up of 100% polyester, this one is made of hundred percent cotton. It is heavyweight and can be washed in a washing machine. Here, you get too large lower-front pockets, but they do not have zips, but they come with flaps, and the left pocket has got a pencil opening. Designed especially for insulation for want, but they have this natural and cozy material, so you don’t feel uncomfortable. The jacket is available at Amazon. You may check out these products and have them in your class 8 if you need them. Go for this one if you are one of those employees who have to work wearing these kinds of high visibility jackets. You can also check out the excellent reviews given by verified customers. This will give you an idea about what kind of jacket you are looking for, and it might be the one that you want. Give it a try, and you will not regret it.

2 – Yellow Hi Vis Jacket

Next comes the color yellow. The very traditional color has been used for years and probably, from the time when these kinds of high visibility jackets invented for safety purposes.

Portwest PW3 Hi-Vis Winter Jacket ANSI 3

Now, this PW3 high visibility jacket comes with a detachable hood and four pockets. The company manufacturing these yellow hi-vis jackets called Port west has got an experience of over 110 years of delivering this kind of yellow high visibility jackets of premium quality.

The company has been established or renowned as the world leader in designing and manufacturing this stylish yet comfortable, high-quality premium high visibility jacket. It never fails to meet international standards. It helps you to protect against the dirt by using the contrast color along with their help to increase visibility by using the reflective trim. They are not only comfortable are made up of premium quality material, but they are waterproof as well along with sealed seams.

Portwest PW3 Hi-Vis Winter Jacket

yellow hi vis


Portwest Hi-Vis 3in1 Premium Bomber Jacket

hi vis jacket

visibility jacket

Another great jacket is made by PORTWEST 3 in 1 interactive jacket with removable liner. Now, this removable liner creates special effects for the jacket and makes it the one jacket which can be suitable for three seasons. Exactly you had it right. This yellow safety jacket is waterproof and has a detachable Hood that too with please lined collar. The material which is used in manufacturing this high visibility yellow jacket is DuPont Teflon. It reflects water and does not allow the water to sit on the jacket. Not only that, so it is also done through which prevents the fabric for the jacket from staining, and even it resists fading.


This yellow reflective jacket is also available at Amazon and has a wonderful review which is rated 4.3 out of 5 stars. You can quickly grab one of them according to your own needs and enjoy this jacket for three seasons.


3 – Blue Hi vis jackets

Now comes the color blue. The blue color has not been used much for this high visibility jacket, but recently this is in Trend.

Yoko Men’s Men’s Hi-Vis Bomber Jacket

Men’s signal high visibility waterproof jacket in the color blue is made up of 100% polyester and can be washed in the washing machine. Made by Charles River apparel, this blue high visibility waterproof jacket is designed to endure a lot of roughness and ruggedness. The Blue hi Vis bomber jacket is exceptionally durable and can be reused anytime and all the time. The fabric of the material used in this blue hi-visibility jacket is heavyweight Oxford polyester. It is not only waterproof but also wind Pro, and it has a fleece lining. The side zips pockets in the high visibility blue allow ventilation and prevents suffocation, as well as the space that are there on the front shoulder, makes space for the radio attachment.

blue hi vis

The company manufacturing these High visibility jackets, Charles River apparel, has an experience of over 30 years. It is one of the leading companies offering premium quality products. It has kept up its family name – with Charles River apparel, you look good and feel good.

5.11 Tactical EMS Professionals Responder

blue hi vis bomber jacket

Another hi-vis jacket is from Tactical EMS professionals responder Parka. These are made up of 100% polyester, which has a breathable shell and is waterproof. These jackets have this unique quality, which protects against bloodborne pathogens. It is a brilliant feature and is commendable. Some certain rules and regulations are to be followed while wearing these jackets. Those must be followed for the safety of the product as well as the wearer.


4 – Pink hi vis jackets

Diamond Candy Waterproof Rain Jacket Women

pink hi vis jacket

If you think that this high visibility can only be worn in so-called male colors like blue-black and grey when you are wrong. Diamond candy waterproof rain jacket for women is an all-purpose ladies hi vis jacket that will serve almost every purpose. These pink high vis jackets are waterproof windproof and come with a multi-pocket. So if you want to put your phone into one of your pockets, you can, and you can keep it safely without the fear of getting it wet. Now you need not cancel your plans just because it is raining outside this new jacket is made up of the waterproof fabric of the latest quality. This will make your jacket more waterproof as well as windproof. It comes with a hood that will also keep your head clean and dry.

pink high visibility jackets

This pink high visibility jackets jacket is specially designed for women, and that is why maybe the color is kept so feminine. This pink hi-vis workwear jacket is lightweight skin-friendly and the material is hot and soft to wear. This is not only a raincoat to protect you from rain but also a hiking jacket. It is waterproof and has an internal pocket so that you can carry your phone easily as well as a chest pocket with zipping. It also service your other purposes like if you want to remain in vogue or maintain the fashion then this will suit you perfectly. Any outdoor activity that you would like to go like fishing or camping or a daily walk with your dog, this jacket is your one true friend. It is sure to be with you to protect you, keep you warm and make you look stylish.





pink hi-vis

ladies pink hi vis jacket

The material of this jacket is 100% polyester. Designed exclusively for women, the brand name is already quite popular in the market. You may find the other so many reviews on Amazon and buy that you can understand the quality and the utility of this jacket.

Check Reviews on AMAZON

JORESTECH Safety 4-in-1 High Visibility with Removable Sleeves

ladies hi vis jacket

JORESTECH safety 4- in – 1 Windbreaker jacket with high reflective visibility is another superb place to find in Amazon. This is a forum on safety jackets. Ideally, these jackets can be worn in many ways, such as casual wear, as one bracket, safety purposes, and a pause as a raincoat. This jacket has been designed in such a way that it is an amalgamation of Style functionality and comfort.

This jacket is wind resistant and has a PU coating along with multiple pockets to keep your belongings. It has pink details to add color and style to the jacket. So what are you waiting for? If you are also a pink lover, then grab one of these jackets and stay safe, warm and stylish.


5 – Green Hi Vis Jacket

green hi vis jacket

Another color that is so abundantly found in high visibility jackets is the color green. Viking Open Road, 150 D jacket, is one of the many products that are mostly bought by the customers. The material is 100% polyester and can be washed in the washing machine. The material which has been used in this high visibility green jacket is Pu material. It is very lightweight, and it works in cold conditions as well. The green hi vis jacket is Comfort as it has a lot of ventilation which prevents suffocation. The price of this lime green safety jackets are not too much and you can easily afford it. You can also go through the reviews and the description of the product in the Amazon and you can buy it according to your own preference.

green hi vis

Now, if you need something for the industrial news, then Viking professional journeyman 300D waterproofs hi Vis safety jacket is the one thing that you would like to have. This jacket is also made up of under percent polyester and can be machine washed. This is also a hundred percent windproof and waterproof, and it provides excellent comfort to the wearer. It is specially designed for industrial purposes, and the price is kept affordable as much as possible. This heavy-duty high vis jackets as a lot of pockets and have reflected strips where you can add your badges or IDs along with vents to keep you fresh. The Hood is detachable, so if you want, you can keep it, and if you don’t want, you can separate it from the jacket. Check out all the reviews and description of the product and then be sure of buying it but what assurance I can give that once you buy it’s you will never regret.

6 – Red Hi-Vis jacket

5.11 Tactical EMS Professionals Responder High Vis Jacket

red hi vis jacket

5.11 Tactical Ems professionals’ responder parka high visibility jacket is one the most commonly seen jacket wore for industrial use. The color is very vibrant to get noticed from a very long distance. That is the reason red is used in traffic lights. The jacket is made up of 100% polyester and is super comforting. This jacket is one the costlier side, but the reason for its high price is justified. The material is completely waterproof, and it has a breathable shell that will prevent suffocation inside. It has also got an exceptional quality that it resists bloodborne pathogens and provides a good grip for the straps of the backpacks. The material is water-resistant and it has a zipper due to pocket at the left chest, which will allow you to keep your radio on my or you can also attach your ID patch along with it. It has a double storm flap to keep the rain in the wind out, and it also has a utility pocket on the outside along with three adjustable food roll-ups. This is one of those jackets which have its own rules and regulations to take care of its material. To have the best performance and to use the jacket correctly, you need to maintain or go by the rules and regulations and take care of your product.


Portwest Workwear Hi VIS Bomber Jacket

red reflective jacket

Another red jacket is the Port West work Wear men’s high visibility Bomber jacket, which has a fleece-lined collar a phone Pocket A print axis and a pack away hood along with a certificate by CE. The price is very affordable, and it can be bought by all the people who want to have it. The comfort and the quality of the material are maintained to a lot extent, and that garment is usually used for safety and weatherproof purposes. This is waterproof and has storm cuffs that provide ultimate protection.

Orange Hi Vis Jacket


The most obvious reason is that the colors yellow and green are used for train signaling, so rail workers wear orange hi vis to not confuse the train drivers. Another reason is that most rail maintenance work occurs in the countryside rather than a city environment, which makes orange a much better color for improving visibility.

New York Hi-Viz Workwear  Ansi Class 3 

orange hi vis


New York Hi-Viz Workwear J8511-L Men’s ANSI Class 3 High Visibility Safety Bomber Jacket With Zipper, PVC Pocket, Black Bottom, and Detachable sleeve (Large, Orange) is a moderately priced high visibility jacket which is very much popular among every construction site. The orange color is the one color that has been used in high visibility jackets for long. The price is to some extent affordable going by the material and quality of the product. This hi vis waterproof jacket will resist a lot of dirt, water, oil, grease and has a very durable body made up of Pu coated material. The type of fabric used in it is polyester, and wool that is used is of premium quality. The insulating fabric of this orange high vis bomber jacket will keep you warm, and the polyester will keep you protected. You can go through the product description that is given in Amazon along with the product reviews, and you might find the answer to your questions. This jacket can be an excellent investment if you require something like this. Don’t waste your time. Go for the one you want or for the one you need.



There are several jackets available in the market but choose according to your needs what will suit you the best. The varied color options and the difference in quality makes each jacket preferable for different people or professional. THERE are many colorful jackets that will not only serve the purpose but will also add to your style. Go on have fun with your high visibility jacket which will not only provide you protection but will also look good on you with all the comfort and warmth.

These jackets are superbly made with fine quality fabric for the convenience of the wearer and so that the wearer can perform his tasks well. The high visibility jackets are not constrained to a few color options and have experimented a lot with the color and variants. A world of options available in the market today has opened doors to employers looking up for options for jackets that are not only protective but stylish too. This makes these high qualities and highly versatile jackets acceptable workwear across the globe. So, what are you still waiting for? Try one of them.